Increase sales and brand value with enhanced telephone skills

Making or receiving calls is not a natural, inbred skill.

But it's essential for business success.

We train people to be themselves on the phone - in ways that immediately create empathy, trust and engagement. This produces much better results, enhances your brand and improves staff morale.

Specialist coaching
in 'effective telephone' calling

The brand in your hand

is the most powerful way for your business to make an impression. Make sure your business is making the right impression each and every time your staff pick up the phone.

The Power of 'successful telephone' calling

Our initial impression of your first call to a business

has to make a positive impact or our client/customer will move on very quickly. We only have seconds to make that impact.

Our Qualities


PhoneSmith coaching is bespoke, tough, highly disciplined and delivered by practising experts. Our coaches are experienced phone handlers in their own right, which keeps their methods and messages in touch with today’s markets.

Our Courses


Our courses cover every level of required skill, right through from ‘Basic Training’ to ‘Master Classes’ designed to help even the most proficient user to hone their skills.

Our Approach


Our approach is unusual and highly effective. Having equipped candidates with essential skills, we then concentrate on ‘de-salesifying’ the whole voice-2-voice process allowing the delegate's phone personality to shine through.