Managing telephone communications

Any good boss will understand the importance of effective communications.

With modern technology this can embrace everything from the spoken word through written communication, social media and most importantly use of the telephone whether this is via landlines, mobiles , smart phones or the hybrid devices becoming available.

To be effective this has to start at the top and cascade down through the organisation as brand values are reinforced every time the organisation communicates.

This is more easily achieved where disciplines exist in areas such as headed paper, annual reports, emails and so on but the area of greatest risk, and potential gain, is  in ethe employment of the phone as the key and increasingly important business tool.

“You need to think through the whole strategy on verbal communications and this should start at the top. Bosses need help in unfamiliar areas and training should start at the top and can yield dramatic results commented Roderick Morgan.” Being a boutique provider we can tailor one to one courses for business owners/managers that force them to step outside of their comfort zones and address the challenges we all face.”

Phonesmith is happy to offer bespoke solutions or please see our range of courses here.

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