Phone Coaching

None of our coaching is pulled off the shelf. Each course is built on a foundation of our own working experience, which we know to be dynamic today. When interwoven with freshly written, bespoke material, (focused entirely on our client’s business), we are able to deliver powerful, compelling and meaningful coaching which embeds itself into the long-term memory of our candidates.

Irrespective of the level of competency at the outset, our over-riding objective is to tutor candidates to a skill level where they can perform naturally and, using their own personality, deliver measurably improved commercial results.

Every PhoneSmith course is bespoke:

  • combining theory with practical workshops
  • tailored to any level of candidate skill from ‘Basic Training’ through to ‘Master Class’  (coaching for even the most experienced phone handler)
  • conducted at our client's premises or any suitable external facility
  • coaching in one-2-one sessions, or in a groups of up to 6 people
  • delivered over a half day or up to 2 full days, dependent on requirements and objectives

Our training is very personal and post-course assistance for all candidates is only a call away.

Post-course and one-2-one coaching sessions are available to review and embellish skills learned on the initial course. These consist of recording and assessing call handling in a ‘live’ environment to ensure candidates are applying their skills and own personality to best commercial effect.

Individual post-course reports are available on request at no extra cost.

“I now feel liberated from all anxiety when I pick up the phone to make a sales call.”