Managing Director -International Recruitment Agency

We rarely provide testimonials but in the case of Roderick Morgan we are pleased to do so. If ever there is a case of measuring value over cost it is the services of Phonesmith. Nationally and internationally Roderick has trained our people on how to get through to decision makers where traditional processes have failed. He will adjust his training to suit any organisation and usually wins over the most sceptical of sales people.

City-based Advertising & Marketing Agency

"The requirement for our 20 strong team, is twofold – 1) to spearhead specific marketing initiatives through implementing Outbound Calling and 2) to help existing account managers improve their telephone interface with both clients and prospects. Month on month our results improve."

12 new clients in 6 months

Business Development Manager - UK Government Agency

"I found the call mapping training session to be innovative and helpful in pre-planning the call, anticipating questions, and delivering responses rather than being reactive to the prospect.

Keeps you focused on the required objective of the call – an appointment with the right person."

Innovative and helpful

Commercial Director - major provider of oil products

“Most of our hundreds of business and domestic customers never meet us face-to-face. This means their only method of judging the ‘character’ of our business is solely dependent on the way we interact with them on the phone.

We called in Roderick to design a bespoke course that would encompass all the aspects of our business that we handle over the phone. The object was simply, to enhance the experience of all our inbound callers, no matter who they were.

Having now put all of our call handlers through this ‘PhoneSmith’ programme, there has been a dramatic improvement in call handling satisfaction, both from our customers’ and from our own staff’s viewpoint.”

Dramatic improvement in call handling satisfaction

Managing Director - specialist mortgage provider

“The very nature of our business means that virtually all our sales enquiries are ‘warm’, ie, our prospective customers call directly in to us for a mortgage offer. Despite this, we were only converting 35% of our inbound calls.

PhoneSmith spent a day with our consultants, monitoring inbound ‘sales calls’. They then created a two-day training programme to improve the way we handled these calls. Almost overnight, our conversion rate more than doubled to 74%.”

Our conversion rate more than doubled

Managing Director - national software developers

“Roderick Morgan continues to work for us in the dual role of ‘call maker’ and ‘coach’. He has spearheaded several campaigns for us with great success, personally making appointments for us with senior figures in the Health Service, Educational Establishments and Local Government.

Once each campaign is under way, he then passes on his experience to our inhouse managers. He does this in a way that takes them seamlessly outside their normal ‘comfort zone’, enabling them to fruitfully see through the rest of the campaign on their own.”

Taken seamlessly outside our normal comfort zone

Marketing Director - worldwide HR consultancy

“We have worked periodically with PhoneSmith, for over five years. We continue to use them, as our needs demand, both for telephone training and, for securing our consultants’ appointments with HR Directors within blue-chip organisations.

Our overview of working with Roderick and his associates is that they bring professionalism into a key business area that many marketing people seem to either underestimate or recklessly ignore.”

Professionalism in a key business area

Managing Director - management training dedicated to SMEs

“In association with PhoneSmith, we have put on a series of very successful Open Courses for individuals wishing to improve their success in securing business appointments on the phone.

All feedback has been extremely positive and has produced long term, lasting benefits for our candidates. Roderick’s wealth of experience and personal examples have helped many individuals resolve some of the more complex issues raised when using the telephone to develop their businesses.”