Despite the explosion of email a huge amount of business is still transacted over the phone – and it pays to get good at it.

Most people struggle with it for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, communicating with someone you don’t know by phone is not an inbred skill – it doesn’t come naturally.

Secondly, because the use of body language is taken away from you, it’s much harder to convey your true personality and so effectively get your point across. To the untrained user, it is also very difficult to gauge the reaction/response of the person you are talking to.

So, most people need some help.  If they don’t get it, the consequences of misusing the phone can be very damaging –  sales opportunities are bungled and your precious brand image can be seriously harmed.

PhoneSmith coaching is bespoke, tough, highly disciplined and delivered by practising experts. Our coaches are experienced phone handlers in their own right, so their methods, messages and approaches are entirely appropriate for today’s business environment.

Our approach is unusual and highly effective.  We begin by equipping candidates with essential skills.  Once this foundation is in place we then concentrate on ‘de-salesifying’ the whole voice-2-voice process. Each delegate is coached into how to unlock their own unique telephone personality and put it to best commercial effect.

Our courses cover every level of required skill, right through from ‘Basic Training’ to ‘Master Classes’ designed to help even the most proficient user to hone their skills.