Our Approach

Everything we teach has been learnt through over 30 years of hard-won practical experience.  None of it is off-the-shelf.

Roderick’s experience and skills are constantly being refreshed as he continues in his role as ‘Appointment Generator’ for businesses and organisations with ‘big ticket’ products/services.

These clients come from a wide range of different backgrounds.  They include one of the most famous US film studios, major City based Financial Institutions, leading IT and Engineering businesses, Advertising and Marketing Agencies – even a Government Department.

Our objectives

Our goal is:

  • To enable each of our candidates to lose their phone inhibitions, and to understand how they can comfortably, and naturally, deliver their own personality down the line.
  • To ensure that those who attend our courses never make calls that leave people on the other end feeling pressurised or “sold-to”.

All those who attend our courses gain a much greater understanding of the processes that lie behind successful call handling.  More importantly, they leave empowered in the knowledge that, whatever their natural personality, they can comfortably use it to great effect over the phone.  They understand how to succeed by being themselves!

Great film actors report that ‘the camera should be treated as a friend – not a nemesis’.  Those who attend our courses learn to regard the phone as their greatest ally.

‘People Buy People’

If the price, quality and service are all equal in the prospect’s eyes, they will go for the person they like or trust most.

Our courses boost the LQ (Likeability Quotient) of your staff and your business!

We take the anguish and discomfort out of making unsolicited phone calls by showing people that being yourself, and behaving like a normal human being, achieves far better results than adopting a weird persona and following a script like a zombie.