The Phone v. Pandemic

Focusing on the phone amidst a pandemic may seem somewhat trivial. But it is now a vital tool for survival.

When ‘Lockdown’ hit, several ‘remote’ communication sources were quickly identified. In the process of learning how to handle meetings in a 'virtual' environment, most of us have already managed to convert our former 'office' skills to work in our ‘home’ surroundings.

No more worries  about getting to a meeting on time. Today, we just need to ensure our dog, cat or child doesn’t barge in and interrupt critical proceedings!

So, what has all this to do with the phone?

As we ease out of Lockdown, and face up to the longterm financial effects in it's wake, our major concern will be finding new business

Thankfully, so far, mine has survived. Many of my clients have used their enforced ‘downtime’ to improve their phone skills. But, having acquired the skills, some are oddly waiting for f-2-f meetings to return before generating any new appointments? But why on earth wait?

DON’T! There's absolutely nothing to be gained and, potentially, much to be lost. We need new business now!

If a f-2-f meeting isn't possible, simply use the phone to arrange a ‘remote’ one! You can then offer your prospect all the time they need to evaluate your proposition.


1. If you manage to secure your prospect’s mobile number, they’re going to be easier to reach.

2. Working from the seclusion of home, many seem more willing to engage with new propositions. (I’ve been helping my candidates secure ‘remote’ appointments ever since 'Lockdown'.)

So, forget the ‘Covid 19’. You're perfectly safe in your home.

Get on the phone, because many of your competitors already are!  

Roderick Morgan

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