Tips for Making Outbound calls

Important Tips to be Ready for Making Outbound Calls

Be prepared.

Before beginning outbound calls, have the workspace organized efficiently. Have a list of whom will be called, with highest priority (most lucrative) first; or possibly third or fourth; if it requires a few calls to get relaxed and in the swing of things.

Make sure the workspace will not be disrupted during business hours.

Set up a specific block of time to work. Make sure family members know this is not the time to interrupt. If they must remain in the home during work hours, ask that they participate in quiet activities. After all, this for the mutual benefit of the household.

Assume a cheery and professional demeanour.

Successful outbound calls require that one maintains control of the conversation. Practise helps make for perfect in this area, but until the pitch is second-nature, stick to a prepared script. Of course, one must not sound as if you are reading, but having that script serves as a roadmap for the call. Maintain a professional disposition and remember, the smile on one’s face can be heard in one’s voice.

Focus on the purpose of the call.

Have supporting documentation at hand. Often it helps to read such information carefully right before dialling, so it will be fresh in one’s mind. You do not want to miss a chance to sell that specific, important point that may close the deal. Don’t allow the consumer to sidetrack the conversation but think from the customer’s perspective.

Customer Perspective

Think not what your customer can do for you, but what you can do for your customer. What are the benefits to the customer, not the benefits to you.

Get a result during the conversation.

Ideally, the initial call will result in a scheduled appointment or sale, but if it does not lead to a definite commitment, make sure a follow-up is scheduled before disconnecting the call, otherwise there was no point in calling in the first place.

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