The importance of the telephone in brand management

Your employees are the critical link between your company and your customer.

How is this mainly delivered?

By phone, through incoming or outgoing calling.

Your employees must actively deliver your unique brand promise every day, all day.

Are you, are they on target with brand messages each time they engage internally and externally?

Companies create strategies at the highest levels – push the marketing and communication teams to craft customer messages, invest in expensive marketing campaigns – yet employees are often the last to truly understand their company’s brand.

Are you communicating your message every time you pick up the phone?

Companies are learning that their brand stands or falls on the internal relationship with its employees as much as their external promises to customers.

Aligning your organization, operations and culture with your brand values can provide competitive advantage. However, it is an incredibly challenging process. For a brand to come to life, it must permeate the organization’s culture, training, performance and evaluation systems, internal communications, and every employee’s responsibilities.

Sounds good, so how do you do it?

Internal brand alignment uses company-wide communications and employee-focused education to help employees understand and embrace their important and valuable roles in expressing their company’s brand and its values through their behaviour. To succeed, you must recognise the following:

• The individual employee must be the central focus

• Efforts must be endorsed by top levels, embraced by middle management and engaged by all

• On-brand actions must be incorporated into employees duties not added on

• Brand values must be translated into real and practical brand behaviour

• Frequency and consistency of communication and action are the keys of success

• Results must be measurable, qualitatively, with an outcome that is financially quantifiable

A successful brand alignment initiative educates employees with the same clear and consistent story.Understanding a single brand story motivates employees by helping them understand the company’s vision and business strategy from their own perspective. When done well, it optimizes performance by setting a single standard for behaviour resulting in an increase in the level of employee engagement that drives improved customer satisfaction.

This starts from answering the phone or making an out going call.

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