Telemarketing B2B : the USA experience

Growing businesses require the capabilities of various marketing channels for ensuring success of their promotional activities.

Telemarketing is one such strategy that seeks to boost sales by bridging the gap between prospective customers (consumers and business) and the seller.

Telemarketing is an extremely useful promotional tool, particularly for retention and acquisition of customers, product sales, and outbound lead generation in business-to-business (B2B) transactions.

Growth in the telemarketing industry is driven by the development of advanced telecommunications technology coupled with the growing popularity of direct response advertising services.

Demand for telemarketing services in the United States is primarily determined by the extent of consumer spending as well as the level of business activity. The market faces stiff competition from offshore telemarketing operators. Further, stringent regulatory controls such as laws pertaining to national Do-Not-Call (DNC) registry established by Federal Trade Commission (FTC) make it difficult for telemarketing companies to acquire new users.

A major trend witnessed in the telemarketing industry is the growing popularity of outsourcing for provision of telemarketing services. Outsourced services hold an edge over in-house telemarketing services, as they allow companies to focus on core competencies while cutting costs, and improving overall operational efficiency. Outsourcing market also benefits from the development of low-cost outsourcing solutions for provision of customer support services, particularly those related to technical products and services.

It is forecast the telemarketing in the United States will reach $15.5bn by 2015.

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