Email or Phone ???

In truth, many of us dread the prospect of making unsolicited, outbound calls – particularly if there is a ‘sales’ aspect attached to them.  Instead, we often look for something else to do that will justify us not picking up the phone.

So when Email first arrived, many considered it to be their saviour. They had been gifted the opportunity to never need to make an unsolicited call again!

Now, however, the cumulative result is a gross overuse of Email – to the point that it is often not only ineffective, but also an extravagant waste of time.

And for this very reason, the phone, used skilfully, has never been more relevant than it is today.

Next to sitting face-to-face with your prospective client, the phone still offers the only method/opportunity to create instant mutual understanding and empathy.

  • The phone can make something happen immediately
  • Instead of bouncing emails back and forth to fix a meeting, pick up the phone and  sort a date in an instance!
  • The phone offers a real alternative for full discussion (and, very often enables positive persuasion.)

In short, if you want to move your business on, acquire the skills needed to use the phone effectively…and start dialling!